SUNY Oswego continues as the top-ranked online master of business administration (MBA) offering in the state among public universities, according to the 2024 Princeton Review Online MBA rankings out this spring.

Rising to #44 overall from ranking 58th the previous year, the program’s strengths include creating a personalized approach for students, according to Irene Scruton, assistant dean of the School of Business and director of SUNY Oswego’s MBA programs.

“We believe a primary benefit of choosing Oswego's MBA program is that staff and faculty are focused on supporting our MBA students so they can thrive in the program,” Scruton said. “When compared to larger schools and their programs, our MBA distinguishes itself by offering a personalized, student-focused approach which is a key element for working professionals.”

Prabakar Kothandaraman, dean of SUNY Oswego’s School of Business, notes that the MBA program’s continuous growth, improvement and success helps create a ripple effect for the business school.

“This success has empowered us to expand our co-curricular activities, benefiting both undergraduate and MBA students,” Kothandaraman said. “For example, in our annual business idea competition, Launch It, undergraduate teams receive guidance from MBA students serving as pitch advisors, enhancing their presentations for the judges. This fosters a sense of belonging among our MBA students, contributing to their ongoing success."

Similarly, the MBA recognition reflects efforts put into all graduate offerings.

"We are thrilled to be recognized once again for the quality and integrity of our online graduate programs at SUNY Oswego,” said SUNY Oswego Dean of Graduate Studies Kristen Eichhorn. “This ongoing success and national recognition confirm our commitment and dedication to offering quality educational programs, at an affordable price where our communities can see the immediate return."

“An MBA degree continues to have value for professionals seeking leadership roles and the convenience of online learning has driven growth in the platform,” Scruton said. “Rankings measure items such retention rates, graduation rates, student support systems, faculty credentials, program quality, technology, alumni and peer feedback. These are all factors that are of concern to a candidate when choosing a program.”

The MBA program focuses on meeting the needs of many part-time students through advisement, customized plans, coaching and more. “The program factors, combined with SUNY tuition value and Oswego's supportive staff across the campus departments they interact with throughout the program, impact the program's success,” Scruton said.

Offerings also evolve to meet key trends in the professional world.

"The increasing diversity within our student body has inspired us to develop new courses such as 'Leading Diverse Organizations,' and explore additional graduate programs tailored to the needs of working executives," Kothandaraman noted.

Success stories

The School of Business noted countless success stories coming out of the program, as professionals gain new skills to adapt to ongoing changes in the business world.

Those achievers include Carol DeNysschen, the dean of the School of the Professions for Buffalo State, who enrolled in Oswego’s MBA because “I know that the world is advancing at lightning speed and I wanted to be an effective leader and at the forefront of change,” DeNysschen explained.

Having worked in higher education for almost two decades, I recognize that the landscape is changing dramatically,” DeNysschen said. “Oswego’s MBA program was one of the more comprehensive MBA programs that I found. I wanted a program that was not only online, so that I could continue to work full time, but I wanted a progressive, high-quality program. It’s the #1 program in NYS’s public colleges.  While in the program, I realized that I could find a career in other areas and feel just as competent as a leader.”

For Diane Masciale –- the WNET Group's vice president and general manager of WLIW, home to Long Island's PBS and NPR stations, and co-executive in charge for ALL ARTS, the free arts and culture streaming platform –- finding a school that was “best in class” supported her aspirations and needs.

“I choose the SUNY Oswego MBA program over others based on the program’s level of excellence, depth of curriculum, ease of access and integration with my daily work schedule and reasonable cost,” Masciale said.

“There is so much to continue to learn as the business world evolves and becomes more and more interconnected across the globe,” Masciale said. “With each new MBA class, I am learning new skills and best practices that I can apply to my day-to-day work enhancing my ability to be an effective and successful business leader at my company and in my industry.”

For DeNysschen, Oswego’s online MBA program has supported professional advancement, including to the higher administrative level of being an academic dean.

“I was looking to advance in my career trajectory and Oswego’s MBA program prepared me for that advancement in many ways,” DeNysschen said. “I rely on the skills and tools I learned to navigate the changing landscape and address the challenges that my school faces. I’m confident in my leadership and feel comfortable facing what’s to come.  You have to have business knowledge and the tools to manage to be an effective leader.”

Masciale finds that her job requires staying on top of the latest business trends to succeed, which Oswego’s classes support.

“My work as an executive in the media world continues to evolve at lightning speed,” Masciale said. “Having a strengthened business acumen, greater knowledge in areas like AI, data and best business practices overall is particularly helpful in navigating my work now and into the future.”

About Oswego’s MBA programs

Oswego –- the first comprehensive college in the SUNY system to offer an MBA degree, starting in 1997 –- has increased the options students have for specializing within their graduate business studies, offering MBA programs in health services administration, management and public accounting. The college also offers a variety of graduate programs and five-year options that combine an MBA with such bachelor's degrees as in broadcasting, public accounting or psychology.

MBA delivery options include classroom-based in Oswego and/or blended classroom-online programs, as well as the online MBA.

SUNY Oswego’s online MBA programs also continue to rank top among New York state public institutions in U.S. News and World Report’s online MBA listings.

For more information on Oswego's MBA programs, visit the MBA program website or email