Why get involved with a club and organization? SUNY Oswego News student reporter Krystal Cole visited the Aug. 30 Student Involvement Fair to find out.

“So you’re all moved into college, you went to your first class, now what?" Cole asked. "SUNY Oswego has a student involvement fair and you can see all the clubs SUNY Oswego has to offer and get some free stuff too.”

 Senior Mabel Martinez said that if it weren't for getting involved, she might not have stayed. 

“At first I wanted to transfer out of school because I felt lonely so the involvement actually saved me,” said Martinez, a dual communications and social interaction and Spanish major. 

Clubs are a way for some students, like senior broadcasting major Stefanie Sciolaro, to destress.

“You get to see all of the things outside of the stresses of school and classes that you can devote time to that you’re going to enjoy,” Sciolaro said.

SUNY Oswego has more than 200 clubs and organizations to join and junior Chynna Smith did just that -- got involved. 

“Just looking around you can see how many clubs there are, Oswego is great in that aspect," said Smith, a junior zoology major. "They have so many options for people to do after school.” 

Abigail Buttacavoli, a junior broadcasting major, added her own advice: “Don’t be afraid to do everything you can and take on as much as you can and if you can’t do everything you’ll find out exactly what you want to do.”

And get involved early, senior wellness management major Emmanuel Agyapong added. “When I was a freshman I regretted it so much because I didn’t get involved," Agyapong said. "That’s one of the things I look back at now and I wish that I could do it over again.”

“Well there’s plenty of clubs that you can horse around with at Oswego, Cole said. "Be sure to keep an eye out for club meetings around campus."

For more information, visit https://lakerlife.oswego.edu.