Red pill or blue pill? Senior graphic design and communications major Micah Audycki will analyze transgender representation in "The Matrix" films during their Quest panel presentation with Lambda Pi Eta, the official honor society of the National Communication Association. Audycki's presentation is titled “'The Matrix' Films are about being Transgender: A Critical Analysis of Gender Representation in The Matrix."

While taking "Rhetoric of Film," (COM 375) Audycki originally thought of the working title “If You Take The Red Pill, You’re Trans.” The class allowed Audycki to do a deeper analysis into trans representation not only in the film, but into the filmmakers as well.

“'The Matrix' is about something bigger -- and now the Wachowski sisters are trans,” Audycki said. “I realized it during the conversation in the movie about the blue pill and the red pill -- once you know the secrets to a socially constructed society, you can’t go back to what you were before, you can’t go back to what life is like without knowing that our reality is what we made it.” 

During his Quest presentation, Audycki wants to show the SUNY Oswego student body how the story of transgender people is everywhere, which is a personal goal they took on while taking the Rhetoric of Film class. Audycki not only analyzed “The Matrix,” but also looked at films like “Thelma and Louise” and “Dear Evan Hansen.” 

“'Thelma and Lousie' has a lot of LGBT undertones, mainly focusing on lesbian idenities and misogyny in society,” Audycki said. “As for 'Dear Evan Hansen,' an argument can be made that Evan as an archetype can be played by a trans masc person and that story is connected to trans masc people. 'Dear Evan Hansen' is a good look into how Hollywood casts queer men into straight roles, but those roles often lead trans masc people finding some sort of representation in Hollywood. We need to dig deeper, here.” 

Lambda Pi Eta presentation

Along with Audycki’s presentation, other members of Lambda Pi Eta will present at the 9 a.m. panel in 225 Marano Campus Center including: 

  • Helena Buttons: "Company Portfolio Paper: Spotify"
  • Jaylea Ransom: "Racial and Gender Diversity in 'Black Panther'"
  • Christopher Eastman: “'If you raise them right, they’ll go away for school': The Disconnect between College Students and their Parents"

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