SUNY Oswego has always supported students during times of crisis or emergency. In 2020, generous alumni donors established a Student Emergency Fund that has supported over 800 students during times of crisis and critical need. These funds have supported students in purchasing basic necessities such as groceries, medical bills, and travel expenses due to a family emergency.  

To better understand circumstances and provide referrals and resources, the Office of the Dean of Students staff meets with students who apply for funds. All contributions, regardless of the amount, make a positive impact on students who are experiencing extremely challenging situations. Students have shared their feedback about how vital this fund has been to their success and ability to persist in college. 

In the video above, Dean of Students graduate assistants Lizzy Miller, Brandi Shimer, Delaney Normile and Daisy Townsend discuss how the fund works, and you can hear from student recipients on how this has supported their experiences.

The fund needs your support

You are invited to donate to the Student Emergency Fund that helps students during times of crisis and critical need. A huge heartfelt thank you to all the alumni, staff, faculty, families and community members who have donated. You have made a difference!

For more information or questions, visit the Student Emergency Fund website or email