SUNY Oswego student author Heaven Santiago has published a poetry book with a different take on the season titled “Hectic Holidays.”

A double major in journalism and creative writing, Santiago had the idea when some conflicts intruded upon her holiday spirit over the Thanksgiving break.

“I was thinking about how during the holidays you'd think everyone and everything will be perfect and work out, when in reality it doesn't!” Santiago explained. “That's how the title ‘Hectic Holidays’ came about, for a time of year that is supposed to be joyful and about core values becomes chaotic and tragic. It's realistic and it's aimed at anyone who relates.”

Santiago took the concept and wrote 13 poems that provide an authentic look into the way many people encounter what is intended to be a joyous time of year.

“My approach was to use Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving as a backdrop because it's uplifting and perfect but also write between the lines of real-life struggles, tragedies and more,” Santiago said. “So there's a happiness but sadness and anxiety to it which I think a lot of people feel. Everyone's problems don't magically disappear or resolve in some of the poems in the book.”

This is Santiago’s second published book of poetry this year, joining the summer publication of “Go To Hell, Heaven.” Similar to that effort, Santiago thinks this book has wide appeal.

“Anyone who loves and hates holidays because we all argue with our families, has lost a loved one or a job or feels plain terrible at one point or another as that time of year approaches” would enjoy this book, Santiago said. “There are people who love spreading spirit and cheer and there are people who don't because it reminds them of their struggles and losses. Everyone has had an imperfect experience when it comes to the holiday season.” 

You can find the book in Kindle and paperback on Amazon.