SUNY Oswego’s Self-Study report (2022) was recently submitted to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education as a required part of the institutional re-accreditation process, and in advance of the evaluation team visit that will be held virtually March 6-9, 2022.  

Our Self-Study describes and demonstrates how SUNY Oswego meets all Middle States Standards while adhering to our mission, strategic plan, and aligned institutional priorities of Student Success, Academic and Creative Excellence, Inclusive Community, Sustainable Institution, and Partnerships, which all guide our way. We proudly feature Academic and Creative Excellence as the second in a five-part series on our institutional priorities seen through the lens of our Self-Study.

Academic and Creative Excellence is fueled by SUNY Oswego’s learner-centered philosophy. We believe a diverse faculty and staff, who are accomplished and committed, are best equipped to create the environment needed for Student Success. Academic and Creative Excellence is cultivated through effective and ongoing professional development, enabling faculty to share and learn best practices. We also achieve Academic and Creative Excellence through increased collaboration and supportive relationships among faculty and staff, and in cooperation with partners in the external community.

A sampling of SUNY Oswego’s investment in Academic and Creative Excellence include the following with more information on each within our 2022 Self-Study report:  

  • Grand Challenges – See chapter 1 of the Self-Study
  • New program development and national and international accreditation – See chapter 3 of the Self-Study
  • Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) faculty cohorts and other professional development opportunities – See chapter 3 of the Self-Study
  • ARTSwego and SUNY Oswego Artist-in-Residence – See chapter 3 of the Self-Study
  • QUEST – See chapter 3 of the Self-Study
  • External and internal grant opportunities for faculty members and staff  – See chapter 3 of the Self-Study
  • Cross-divisional innovation and collaboration – See chapter 3 of the Self-Study 
  • CELT, Open Classrooms, and Tea for Teaching – See chapters 3 of the Self-Study
  • First-Year Signature Course initiative – See chapter 4 of the Self-Study 
  • Program assessment and institutional goals – See chapter 5 of the Self-Study 

Please review SUNY Oswego’s 2022 Self-Study report to prepare for our Evaluation Team visit.  For more information, visit SUNY Oswego's Middle States Self-Study website or contact Rick Back and Kristi Eck, Self-Study Co-Chairs at and