An "Inktober" exhibition, featuring work by illustration students, runs Nov. 11 to 20 in Tyler Hall's Corner Gallery, 208 Tyler Hall.

Inktober is an international month-long drawing challenge. Participants respond to drawing prompts that correlate to each day of October. Inktober was created by Jake Parker, and now includes tens of thousands of artists around the world. Inktober is about developing daily drawing habits and improving skills; it is also about the commitment to drawing as a discipline -- essential to all artists. 

Art department Inktober mentors Amy E. Bartell, Jason Cheney and Liz Hunt supported this student effort. 

"We chose the 6-inch by 6-inch format for practical reasons," Bartell said. "The smaller format allowed for the drawings to be started and finished during a class period and for the full collection of  images to be exhibited. There are over 500 pieces in this exhibition, representing the work of students in traditional as well as digital illustration, in beginning, intermediate and advanced classes."

Inktober provides a framework for fun and rigor, as well as an avenue to a wider art community. Most artists post their Inktober work on Instagram using the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2019; by doing this, a network of artists and drawing get connected. An Inktober universe lives in social media as well as physically in the studios of the artists who draw them. 

Through participating in Inktober, organizers have taken the opportunity to showcase the work of students with this exhibition and to start a related Instragram account, @IllustrationInOz

Bartell offered special thanks to Shanika Scarborough and Gene Petrie for their exhibition design and assistance. 

The exhibition can be viewed those weekdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.