Graduate students Asli Kinsizer and Yarbrielle Ingram soon will display portfolio work created during their graphic design studies at SUNY Oswego --- from Kinsizer's women of historical stature to Ingram's fantastical illustrations from reimagined fairytales -- in their spring Master of Arts exhibitions in a new gallery in Tyler Hall. 

MA Exhibition I featuring Kinsizer's illustration work for "Strong Women" -- Maya Angelou, Golda Meir, Amelia Earhart and more -- will run April 23 to 30 in 208 Tyler Hall.  An artist's reception will take place concurrent with that of Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Exhibition I from 5 to 7 p.m. Friday, April 26, in Tyler's expansive lobby.

MA Exhibition II will show Ingram's illustrations of such mythological characters as Poseidon and the humanoid, avatar-like character Luna from May 7 to 15 in the new gallery in 208 Tyler. The display officially opens Friday, May 10, with an artist's reception, concurrent with that for both BFA Exhibition II and the Bachelor of Arts Exhibition, from 5 to 7 p.m. in Tyler's lobby.

The Master of Arts exhibitions come on the heels of a higher demand for gallery spaces for student and faculty artwork. Part of the rejuvenation of Tyler Hall, the new space in Room 208 is about creating additional opportunities for student artists.

“In creating these new gallery spaces, we hope to spark student involvement,” said Michael Flanagan, director of Tyler Art Gallery. He said that, among many teaching and learning advantages, expanding the display of artwork at SUNY Oswego enables students to take advantage of additional opportunities to build their resumes for future careers.

Kinsizer, a native of Turkey, enrolled in SUNY Oswego's graduate program in graphic design after 20 years as an art teacher in Istanbul. Last semester, she designed a mandala as a member of art faculty member Amy Bartell's "Advanced Illustration" class, and it was chosen as the community mandala for the Drepung Loseling monks' April 8 to 12 presentation of "The Mystical Arts of Tibet."

"As an artist, I view my role as being one of exposing the situation, providing a voice for the oppressed and offering an alternative that inspires change," Kinsizer said in an artist's statement. "Through my 'Strong Women' exhibition, I want to remind people of the women who realized the power within themselves to create change, amplifying their voices through the utilization of visual art, striving to be a universal language. "

Escape into artistry

Ingram works with computer-based illustration and design, which she uses to create stories of reimagined fairytales. Her project centers on her interpretation of Poseidon’s mythological ascension into godhood, through a storyboard-like series of illustrations she lays out in illustration and photography computer software.

Storytelling through her art stems from her childhood --- wanting to create a space to fit in --- an escape into her artistry from persistent bullying. Deciding to display her art signifies endurance and resilience while keeping true to other aspects of herself, Ingram said.

“I decided a while ago when I was being bullied in school, that if I didn’t fit in, I’d create a space where I did fit in,” said Ingram. “I want others to take away from my art that it can be anything, there’s no limitations, if you can dream it, you can draw it."

The MA Exhibition does not mark the end of Ingram's career at SUNY Oswego.

“I graduated from my undergrad program in 2016 and want to further my education at Oswego in integrated social media," Ingram said. "I will graduate with a master's in graphic design this year and will go for the graduate certificate, completed in 2020.” 

Other students interested in displaying their artwork in the new gallery should speak with a professor in the art department, Flanagan said.

The new gallery in Room 208 Tyler Hall is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays.

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