Right in time for spooky season, communication studies faculty member Francisco Suarez speaks with costume designer Jany Temime -- whose credits include the "Harry Potter" franchise, "House of the Dragon" on HBO and the James Bond entry "Skyfall" -- on his latest video podcast of "From Suarez's Basement."

"The magic of make-believe and character development can't be detached from the importance of the costume design process," Temime told Suarez in terms of the importance of her line of work to the visual impact of cinematic projects.

The mastermind behind films seen by large audiences, Temime "took some time off from her busy schedule to speak to us about her incredible career, past and future projects, and the intimate connection between her work and visual storytelling," Suarez said. "Don't miss this episode with such a fantastic expert!"

Visit the video podcast online to see the interview or browse Suarez's episode library for additional guests in this award-winning series that features a wide range of experts from the fields of TV and cinema.