(With Graduate Studies Week 2023 running from Nov. 6 to 10, Oswego Today offers a feature on dynamic faculty leader Peter Ghazarian, who heads the master’s in higher education leadership program.)

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, visionary leaders who can shape the future of academia are key. SUNY Oswego recently welcomed a new addition to its faculty at SUNY Oswego, Peter Ghazarian, who brings a wealth of international experience and a passion for higher education. 

Ghazarian is set to lead the way in Oswego’s master’s in higher education leadership program. His unique journey and dedication to educational excellence promise to bring fresh perspectives and transformative experiences to Oswego students.

Originally hailing from Hudson, Ohio, Ghazarian's career has become an international journey. With professional chapters in Germany, the United Kingdom and Korea, his diverse experiences now infuse vitality into his role as associate professor and program coordinator of higher education leadership at Oswego.

"I believe in higher education for the public good –- higher education that helps individuals to grow to their full potential and helps society to move forward."

Ghazarian's story includes a love tale that blossomed during his time in the UK. A chance encounter led him to Mi Young Kim, and together, they embarked on a journey that saw them call South Korea home not once, but twice. Their profound commitment to family eventually guided them back to the United States, allowing their two daughters to forge deep connections with Ghazarian's roots.

Throughout his career, Ghazarian has undertaken diverse roles, including teaching English as a foreign language. This experience provided him with profound insights into the distinctive challenges that diverse students encounter in their educational journey. During his doctoral studies, he delved into the influential sphere of global university branding, sparking a newfound fascination with the dynamics shaping higher education and fueling his passion for educational leadership.

“I believe in higher education for the public good – higher education that helps individuals to grow to their full potential and helps society to move forward,” he said. 

His time in South Korea offered a firsthand view of how systemic obstacles can hinder student success, further igniting his determination to enact transformative change in educational leadership. Following a series of career moves, Ghazarian and his family found themselves near his hometown in Ohio when they stumbled upon an exciting opportunity at SUNY Oswego. Driven by his unwavering passion for higher education, he seized the moment.

Embracing opportunity

"I felt inspired to apply," he said. “I'm truly dedicated to higher education. So when I saw the position in Oswego, I knew it was an opportunity to follow my passion."

Ghazarian's vision for higher education is to ensure it remains a beacon of public good, fostering social growth and progress. Committed to his mission, he brings a wealth of international experience and a fresh perspective to Oswego.

While his family remains in the Cleveland area during the school year to provide stability for his children, Ghazarian embraces life on campus as a faculty resident mentor in Hart Hall, a residence hall many of its international students call home. He views this as a golden opportunity to connect with students and fellow faculty members, especially crucial with his graduate program's weekly evening meetings.

"This is a fantastic opportunity to live on campus, get to know everyone better and become an integral part of the Oswego community," he said.

Beyond academics, Ghazarian finds solace and connection through his passion for cooking, gardening and playing games. These hobbies mirror his love for bringing people together and nurturing a sense of community and collaboration. 

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