Chicken Patty Day at SUNY Oswego isn't just about a meal; it's an event. What is the Oz Chicken Patty and what makes it so popular? SUNY Oswego News student reporter Krystal Cole has the story.

It's an otherwise ordinary-looking day in September in the Lakeside Dining Center.

Except it isn't just any day: It's Chicken Patty Day.

"Hi, can I have a chicken patty on a wheat?" one student asks.

"Cheese and tomato on both," another tells the server.

"Can I get a chicken patty with cheese?" asks another.

"When you like know chicken patty day, chicken patty day, is just chicken patty day, that's it," said one student, who is clearly a big fan.

"Whatever they ask for, we give to them," said Shannon Brooks, the manager of Lakeside Dining Center, one of the dining halls where Chicken Patty Day is bringing excitement to the lunchtime crowd. "The whole atmosphere changes on Chicken Patty Day.

"The buns are perfect, cheese, lettuce," one student explains of his method of eating the delicacy. "I got some sriracha on mine."

The patty is "100 percent chicken meat," Brooks explains.

Another student offers their preference: "Crispy chicken. Put some catsup on it."

"Yo, they are mad good," the meal's biggest fan says. "Like they saved my life almost, like yo."

"I don't know what they are," one student says. "It's like they have a secret ingredient inside that makes it even better."

"They love it, they absolutely love it," Brooks explains.

"Could I get the chicken patty with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, please?" asks one student.

"Could I get a chicken patty on white?" asks another.

How many do customers get? "Sometimes one, two, three, whatever they feel like having," Brooks says.

Students had a number of ways they prefer to customize their chicken patties:

"Eat it with some mayo."

"I like to put two on one bun, less carbs, more meat."

"Eat it with some catsup."

"Do you like chicken patties?" one students asks his friend, who nods with a very intense look.

"You could put whatever you want on with it, ranch," another student says.

"It's an excitement," Brooks says.

"Honestly, just savor it," the dish's biggest fan recommends.

"It's not the old fashioned, typical hockey puck, that you might remember from your old elementary school days," Brooks says.

"Have you ever had a Ghirardelli chocolate?" the patty fan asks reporter Krystal Cole. "It is just like that. It goes in your mouth, you eat it slow. Don't be like munching on it like a million too. You savor it. You eat it properly. And you enjoy it. That's how food should be."

"This is a nicer, higher quality piece of chicken," Brooks says.

"Chicken patties, they give you life," the chicken patty megafan explains. "Everyone that comes to the dining hall to eat chicken patties. I feel like it brings us together."

After becoming a can't-miss dining hall item, the dish now appears at Crossroads Cafe in the Marano Campus Center, among other places.

"Between all of the dining halls on campus, they serve thousands of chicken patties every time they're on the menu," Cole notes. "Can I get a chicken patty on white? And they've become so popular, that they're now even serving them at some of the cafés on campus. I'm Krystal Cole for Suny Oswego News."