The Provost's Scholarly and Creative Activity Committee has awarded 31 grants for faculty-student collaborative research and for faculty research projects, while the Committee on Learning and Teaching approved Curriculum Innovation Grants for faculty developing four innovative courses.

Faculty-Student Challenge Grants (Summer Scholars):

Biological sciences: Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan and students Jessica Gibbons and Jerome Job, "Identifying the Source of Fungal Pathogens Threatening Snapping Turtles"; Peter Newell and student Gabrielle Solomon, "Microbiota of the Invasive Crop Pest Drosophila Suzukii"; Jennifer Olori and Samuel Rodgers, "Is Ranavirus Transmission Sexually Mediated?"; and Michael Schummer and student Kayla Eason, "Influence of Wetland Restoration and Management on Density and Diversity of Aquatic Macorovertebrates."

Chemistry: Matthew Baker and student Cory Ludwig, "Design and Synthesis of Ladder Forming Signal-responsive Polymers"; Fehmi Damkaci and students Francesco Papa and Brittney Colon, "N-Phenyl Picolinic Amide Ligand in Aryl Cyanation"; Shokouh Haddadi and student Kate Bailie, "Investigating the Effect of Gender on Chemical Composition of Latent Fingerprints"; and Julia Koeppe and student Veronica Singh, "Expression of Complement Component 2 in Yeast and E. Coli."

Communication studies: Arvind Diddi and students Jamie Aranoff and Elena Kilgore, "Assessing News Media Bias in the 2016 Presidential Campaign"; computer science: Isabelle Bichindaritz and students Joseph Harkness and Ekaterina Cole, "Role of WAVE Complex in Breast Cancer through Bioinformatics Analyses," and Damian Schofield, Jolanda Tromp and Isabelle Bichindaritz and student Christopher Bartlett, "Applying Augmented Reality Technologies to Interventional Radiology during Surgery"; counseling and psychological services: Laura Spenceley and student Marisa Valentino, "Predicting the Extended Time Necessary for Equal Access."

Electrical and computer engineering: Marianne Hromalik and student Christopher Wells, "High Speed Oscillator-based Data Transfer Interface for X-ray Pixel Array Detectors"; mathematics: Elizabeth Wilcox and student S. Mia Tomassetti, "Symmetries in Music"; physics: Shashi Kanbur and student Christopher Wells, "A Binary Event Broker for the Large Synaptic Survey Telescope"; and psychology: Matthew Dykas and student Caitlyn Carlisle, "Advancing the Measurement of Parental Neglect."

Faculty Scholarly and Creative Activity Grants:

Biological sciences: David Dunn, "Genome Editing of Growth-related Genes in Mouse and Pig Cell Lines as a Model for Animal Experimentation"; Kamal Mohamed and Anthony Contento, "Genetic Differences in the African Striga Asiatica Species Group and Their Relation to the Indian S. Asiatica"; Karen Sime, "Oviposition Patterns and Parasitism of the Bog Buckmoth"; and Sofia Windstam, "Is Ranavirus Transmission Sexually Mediated?"

Anthropology: Douglas Pippin, "William Twiss and the American Revolution in Canada: An Archaelogical Perspective"; chemistry: Julia Koeppe, "Expression of Complement Component 2 in Yeast and E. Coli"; English: Neelika Jayawardane, "Comrades with Cameras: The Afrapix Photographers Agency and the South African Anti-Apartheid Movement"; mathematics: Sarah Hanusch, "Improving Student Proof Productions via Written Feedback in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses"; music: Todd Graber, "Professional Recording of Schubert's 'Winterreise'"; philosophy: Craig Delancey, "Personal Identity and Emotional Disposition"; political science: Cristina Dragomir, "At the Crossfire of Marginalization: How Gypsy Women in India and Romania Access Healthcare"; and public justice: Jeremy Shifton, "How Race and Gender Impact Juror Perceptions of Evidence in Criminal Trials."

Curriculum Innovation Grants:

English and creative writing: Joshua Adams and Bennet Schaber, "Drone Theory, Drone Vision"; communication studies: Jenny Rosenberg and Jessica Reeher, "Communicating with Diverse Identities"; economics: Lyudmyla Ardan, "Economics of Education"; and mathematics: Mark Baker and Scott Preston, "Data Mining and Predictive Analytics." 

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