Takeena Strachan, president of Student Association and a senior political science major from Middletown, talks about why she chose Oswego, her major and getting involved; her goals for SA this year; and the supportive atmosphere of the college.

Why did you choose SUNY Oswego?

I chose SUNY Oswego because I really wanted a school that provided me not only with a good education, but with experiences that I knew would last a lifetime. First coming up here, I was like: This is a place where I can connect and I can show my interests and involve other people, and have a good time at the same time.

Why interested you in political science as your major?

I was actually interested in doing political science as my major when I was 13. It's a very early age and I was kind of just compelled from the Sandy Hook shooting, and I knew I wanted to get involved that way, and so my interest led to getting into policy and I think I found myself at political science.

What are some of the things you want to accomplish with the Student Association this year?

I definitely want to help with textbook accountability, and resource availability for students because I've noticed that there are students that would like more resources that are more affordable for them. We're also going to be working on better parking issues, trying to resolve those, and we're going to be helping more student clubs, just being more hands-on with clubs and being more of a resource for them than we have in previous years.

What do you think about your professors?

They have definitely been the biggest help for me. They always provide great resources, they always provide great insight. Yeah, they've always been a good support to me I've, all of them really in particular. My political science advisor is probably one of my favorites, the librarians are great, Dr. (Jerri) Howland (vice president of student affairs and enrollment management) is great. Other administration have just been a blast to work with, and I'm really excited how far we can extend the relationships into the future.