Cedric Hansen, a senior software engineering major from Ottawa and a goaltender for the Laker men's hockey team, said Oswego's combination of academics, location, facilities and athletics made it the perfect spot for him. He's already lined up a job with IBM after his May 2020 graduation.

What made you interested in software engineering?

Ever since the young age, I was always really interested in science and math and technology, so it kind of seemed like the natural sort of progression to lead into engineering. Obviously with the rise of how big the tech world has become over many years, software certainly seemed like a good kind of engineering choice to go into.

What about SUNY Oswego interested you?

I came down for a visit. I saw the rink. I saw Shineman. I spoke to Doug Lea of the computer science department, and he told me about the program and Oswego being only three hours from home it just it was a perfect fit. He's actually the one who helped put me in contact with the folks at IBM and he's been a great kind of mentor for me. He's taught me a lot about dozens and dozens of things regarding computer science and I certainly wouldn't be the student or programmer without his guidance.

What's it like to play hockey in Oswego?

It's nice to walk out onto that ice and see the 2,000 or 3,000 fans every game, cheering, It's really something special to be a sport that's really cherished on campus and it's definitely something that none of us take for granted.

What do you think about Oswego's faculty?

The faculty are great because they challenge us but at the same time they want us to succeed. I think that combination really produces good students that wanna learn. I really can't say enough good things about the teachers here. I could not have asked for a better combination of athletics, academics and location.