Dorcas Afolayan, a dual major in anthropology and global studies from Richmond, Virginia, talks about what interested her in how humans work, her studies abroad, interaction with faculty and more.

I am really interested in anthropology. I've been interested in it since I was in eighth grade, so I kind of got interested in it through there. Being able to know that much information from simply your bones and context and all those things, and so that kind of sparked that kind of interest in just how humans work.

Right now I'm actually taking an independent study with Dr. (Alanna) Ossa, and we are curating and organizing our archeological records right now.

Any archeology that I can do is always great experience. I mean, curating this collection right now is great experience. It's always good to have that kind of understanding of how to curate, how to dig and you learn it in school, but it's different when you're actually doing it. So one of my goals of just life and having an anthropology degree and the degrees that I have is to be able to change the world in some capacity.

Freshman year I went to Prague with Dr. (Kathleen) Blake and I studied death burial practices there, which is really interesting, I love that. And then Dr. Ossa, I've been with her since she came here. I've learned so much from her, specifically about archeology and she has brought a lot of people in here for us to learn from, so I really loved that.

There are just so many people here who really want you to succeed. And I think I've got a good team on my side. But yeah, there are a lot of great faculty here that I love working with.