Ravi Teja (TJ) Manchi, a master’s in human-computer interaction student from India, came to Oswego for the renowned and distinctive program. He’s since found helpful and knowledgeable professors, an active international community and the skills to pursue future success.

Q. What interested you in attending SUNY Oswego?

A. SUNY Oswego is one of the best colleges in the United States. And the infrastructure and the course curriculum and a beautiful historic lake campus on the banks of Lake Ontario. Yeah, all these things. And moreover, SUNY Oswego provides, outside the campus, various types of clubs and organizations for the students to enroll. All these things made me to pick SUNY Oswego.

Q. What are you involved with outside the classroom?

A. Right now, I am engaged with international student association working as a director of marketing. It is more like organizing events for the students.People come from different parts of the world. So to make everybody feel comfortable, we are trying to bring their own festivals to celebrate here.

Q. What are you learning in HCI classes?

A. In my classes, I am covering a wide range of topics. Like human-centered design approach or how I can apply psychological or physiological principles in designing products or identifying users' problems, based on the research. Finding solutions for them.

Q. What do you think of Damian Schofield (director of the HCI program)?

A. He makes international students feel comfortable here in Oswego. He interacts with us, he responds very quickly whenever we have any problem or anything. In the class, his lecture styling is also very effective.

Q. What do you think about other professors you have?

A. When it comes to other faculty, everybody's having a different style and a way of teaching to the students. So I am liking it very much.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I can say that I want to be a human-computer interaction research scientist. Or I want to become a product architect. Yeah, these two roles I am looking forward to being in my life.