Senior human development major Coralys Diaz came to Oswego as undecided, but found her path through the help of caring mentors. She pays it forward by helping students feel welcome at Oswego, working in the Admissions Office and interning in the college's Educational Opportunity Program, among many other activities.

Q. Why did you choose SUNY Oswego?

A. Because I wasn't declared, I based my decision on the environment that the school gave off and also the extracurriculars that would make me feel at home. And, honestly, I related really heavily to the students that were a part of the Latino Student Union at the time; I got really close with them while visiting the school, and that's what made me come here. I was really excited because it felt like a second home already.

Q. How did you make the journey from undeclared to a human development major?

A. I had a great academic advisor. Her name is Jackie Wallace. She works at the Career Service Office. She really helped and guided me through several majors that I was looking at, and she really helped me kind of narrow down what my strengths are. I chose human development because it gave me a broader idea of where I can go after I graduate, but it still gave me the knowledge that I needed to work with students one on one.

Q. You're involved in a lot of activities -- working for Admissions, interning for the Educational Opportunity Program, as well as student organizations. Why do you think it's important for students to find out-of-the-classroom interests and activities?

A. I really emphasize to students now that college is not about just going to classes then going back to your room and sleeping. You're paying for the experience. And the experience involves extracurriculars, it involves making friends, it involves getting out there. I took that advice from somebody before I entered college, and I feel like that's why I've been really successful. And also it makes you feel welcomed, it makes this place feel like a home, and it makes you feel like you're a part of a family.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. I'm really excited to see where the future takes me, but I know things can change, as did last year. But I just know that I'm confident in my skills and my strengths that I will go wherever I'm needed.