An accomplished and driven individual, Adam Reiter showcases the transformative impact of a SUNY Oswego education. Hailing from nearby Liverpool, Reiter has embraced every opportunity to immerse himself in both academic and extracurricular activities, preparing him for his next big step - pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at Fordham University.

Initially unsure of his major, he found a passion for economics through a general education (GE) course. "I took an economics course as a GE, and I really enjoyed it, so I continued taking economics courses, and I said why not declare it as a major," Reiter recalled. His love for numbers and the challenge of economics led him to the applied mathematical economics program, where he also pursued minors in business administration and mathematics.

Throughout his undergraduate years, Reiter has taken part in many research projects, showing his strong skills in analysis and dedication to the field of economics. One notable project was his independent study applying the gravity model of economics to trade using BRICS (a group of emerging economies with similar interests that meet for summits comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) membership, which he presented at the 2024 Quest Symposium.

"I wanted to see if their relationship would increase trade. I found out that it did," Reiter explained. This research, along with his study on the impact of free lunches on graduation rates, highlights his ability to apply what he learns in class to real-world issues.

Reiter’s involvement also extends beyond the classroom. As a Presidential Student Ambassador to the Investment Committee of the Oswego College Foundation Inc. and vice president of education for the SUNY Oswego Investment Club, he has played a key role in educating his peers about financial literacy. His responsibilities include creating educational presentations and fostering discussions on finance topics, reflecting his passion for teaching and mentorship.

In addition to his academic and club engagements, Reiter has held significant leadership positions on campus. As director of finance for the Student Association, he has managed budgets for various student organizations, demonstrating his financial acumen and leadership skills. His role as a resident assistant on campus has further honed his ability to manage and support his peers, fostering a strong sense of community.

SUNY Oswego has prepared me for what’s next by providing a supportive, challenging environment.

Reiter’s internship experience at the Office of the New York State Comptroller in Syracuse provided him with practical insights into internal control audits and the operations of local governments and municipalities. This experience, coupled with his academic achievements, has well-prepared him for the rigorous demands of a Ph.D. program.

"I plan on getting a Ph.D. in economics at Fordham University. I love teaching and I love doing research," Reiter said. His goal is to contribute to the field of economics through research and to inspire future generations of economists.

Reflecting on his time at SUNY Oswego, Reiter is grateful for the support and encouragement he received from his professors. 

"My SUNY Oswego experience means that I’m supported by all of my professors. It means that I’m able to be involved, however I want to be,” he said.

This supportive environment has been instrumental in his academic and personal growth, equipping him with the skills and confidence needed to pursue his aspirations.

As Reiter prepares to embark on his Ph.D. journey this summer, he reflects on the profound impact of his undergraduate years. "SUNY Oswego has prepared me for what’s next by providing a supportive, challenging environment," he affirmed.

At SUNY Oswego, Reiter found his passion, honed his skills and is now ready to embrace the next chapter of his academic career with confidence and determination.