Najah Zaaeed of Oswego’s department of health promotion and wellness was featured recently in WCNY-TV’s “Behind the Woman” series. In the episode (available online), Zaaeed discussed her work with SUNY Oswego, her part of the college's emphasis on providing service and how she is addressing the mental health needs of refugees from around the world.

Mallory Bower of First-Year Experience and 2021 graduate Jade Laplante of the University of Maine presented at the National Students in Transition Conference on Oct. 13. They presented "What do we have to lose? A seminar launch story" to higher education professionals who specialize in student transitions. Their presentation included findings from a 2020 first-year seminar pilot that was successfully implemented during the pandemic. Results showed that students who participated in the pilot reported a higher sense of belonging, wellbeing and connectedness to SUNY Oswego. Laplante worked with First-Year Experience staff to collect, interpret and present the program data as part of her on-campus internship through EXCEL: Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning.

Damian Schofield, director of the college’s human-computer interaction program, and graduate student researcher Eian Prinsen published “Video Game Escapism During Quarantine” in the journal “Computer and Information Science.” This study aimed to examine results of a global pandemic and quarantine on player motivations and the reasons they play video games. The study collected detailed information on participants’ video games genres and play time of each user and how self-isolation impacted these datapoints. Participants also answered a series of questions to evaluate their gaming habits both prior to and during the pandemic.