Tim Delaney, professor and chair of sociology, had the most-viewed article in 2017 on the Routledge Handbooks Online. Delaney’s chapter on the functionalist perspective in sport from the Handbook of the Sociology of Sport had 4,511 unique page views, ranking first among the over 1,500 books and 45,000 chapters available on that massive academic database.

Economics professor Ranjit Dighe published “Why bland American beer is here to stay” in The Conversation, a website that stresses “academic rigor, journalistic flair.” His piece relates how Prohibition, American manufacturing conditions and social factors influenced which beers retained enduring popularity.

Alok Kumar, Distinguished Teaching Professor of Physics and author of “Sciences of the Ancient Hindus,” delivered the keynote address at the second Drishti Collegiate Conference, organized by the Hindu Students Council, at the New York University Global Center. The conference’s goal is to provide company for like-minded and curious youth who with a desire to understand and discuss what it means to be a Hindu in the west.

Mary Tone Rodgers, Willock Professor of Finance and director of the college’s Gordon Lenz Center for Finance, Insurance and Risk Management, co-authored an article titled "The Copper Price Bust: A Reassessment of the Causes of the Panic of 1907," in the journal Research in Economic History. The paper looks at how boom-bust patterns in commodity prices precipitated a banking crisis in 1907, a pattern that repeats in present times.

Jaclyn Schildkraut of the public justice faculty conducted a webinar titled “School & Mass Shootings in America: What Now?” for the National Association for Pupil Transportation on March 8. Her webinar explored the roles everyone interested in the safety, health and general welfare of children in America can and should play in helping communities understand and respond to tragic events like the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

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