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The SUNY Oswego Sigma Xi Chapter has earned a Sigma Xi Chapter Program of Excellence Award for the "Sigma Xi Student Award at the Quest Symposium” program.

The recognized program unfolds under the leadership of the following officers: Poongodi Geetha-Loganathan (Sigma Xi Chapter secretary, assistant professors in biological sciences), David Dunn (Sigma Xi Chapter treasurer and assistant professor in biological sciences), Marianne Hromalik (Sigma Xi Chapter vice-president, associate professor in electrical and computer engineering), and Carolina Ilie (Sigma Xi Chapter president, associate professor in physics).

This award is given to chapters that have organized an outstanding program, especially one which other chapters can emulate. In particular, the Program of Excellence Award recognizes initiatives which address the four cornerstones of the society’s mission: honor in science and engineering, STEM education, science policy and the public understanding of science. 

This is the third Sigma Xi Chapter award received by SUNY Oswego's Sigma Xi Chapter in the last six years. The Oswego chapter won the Sigma Xi Chapter Program of Excellence Award - Honorable Mention for 2013 and the 2012 Sigma Xi Chapter Program Award for Distinguished Performance for the Science Today Lecture on Women in STEM, a program led by chemistry professor Webe Kadima.

The SUNY Oswego chapter was one of just seven out of 525 chapter-based programs to receive such prestigious awards.