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Internal controls are an integral part of daily operations at SUNY Oswego. A successful Internal Control Program streamlines processes, promotes operational efficiency and integrity, and results in a quality institution of higher education. SUNY Oswego’s Internal Control Department ensures that controls are developed, properly documented and functioning effectively.

Employees are responsible for understanding the internal controls that exist on campus and how to evaluate their effectiveness. To increase awareness and understanding of internal controls, the Internal Control Department recently launched a redesigned website. Employees are encouraged to visit this page and learn more about internal control objectives, best practices, reporting fraud, available training and other important resources.

In addition to the new site, look for an announcement shortly from Human Resources regarding mandatory campus-wide internal control training. This will be included in the annual WeComply online package distributed in November.

If you have questions regarding internal controls, email or contact Internal Control Officer Victoria Furlong at 315-312-3636.