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Campus Technology Services has started the deployment of a new antivirus program on campus-owned computers. Cylance PROTECT replaces Sophos as the next generation threat detection software protecting computers from viruses, malware, and ransomware.

All faculty and staff with SUNY-owned computers must take steps to ensure that Sophos is removed and Cylance is installed. Some computers may already have Cylance , but if not, you need to take action to update them. The contract for Sophos expires July 31, so it is important you perform this check as soon as possible. Please note that after July 31, if you have not performed these actions, your antivirus may not be up to date, and you will be leaving your computer vulnerable to malware attacks.

If your computer needs Cylance installed, please login to the CTS Licensed Software Download page.  Then, go to the “Cylance Protect” section to download and run the software that will remove Sophos and install Cylance.

If you have any questions or come across any issues using the Cylance installer, please contact the Help Desk at 312.315.3456 or  More information is also available on our Cylance Frequently Asked Questions page.