If, because of your academic performance, you have been academically disqualified and may not be considered for reinstatement or register for classes for the following semester. (You may appeal for reinstatement for future semesters beginning with the start of the following full semester. (See below for a complete description of the policy which applies to you.)

We urge you to begin immediately to address the problems which have stood in the way of your academic achievement. You may find it useful during time away from SUNY Oswego to deal with personal problems or to clarify your priorities, and/or to enroll in courses at another institution in order to demonstrate your potentiality for academic success. Disqualified students often improve their academic situation by repeating “D” and “E” courses at another institution. If you choose to repeat one or more such courses at another institution, you should verify that those courses are equivalent to the Oswego courses by contacting the appropriate department office.

If you are currently enrolled in a WinterSession course, you will be allowed to continue in that course. You should understand, however, that the successful completion of that course will not change your disqualified status.

Institutional Policy for mandatory semester off with the following cumulative grade point averages:

Students earning the following cumulative averages must be away from the college for one semester before being considered for reinstatement:

1st semester of attendance (includes transfer students): 1.00 or lower
Through 30 cumulative registered credits*: 1.50 or lower
Through 45 cumulative registered credits*: 1.60 or lower
Through 60 cumulative registered credits*: 1.70 or lower
61 or more cumulative registered credits*: 1.80 or lower

* The computation of the "Cumulative Registered Credit Hours" is defined as the total credit hours of all marking periods in which a student was registered. The computation of "Cumulative Registered Credit Hours" for transfer students includes the total number of transfer credit hours which apply to their SUNY Oswego degree program.

You may appeal for reinstatement for future semesters beginning with the following full semester. Please contact your dean's office to see where to send the letter and what the appropriate deadline may be.