About CLAS

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is the largest academic division of SUNY Oswego, with 18 academic departments, 19 interdisciplinary programs and other resources that include Rice Creek Field Station. Along with bachelor's and master's degree programs, the College of Arts and Sciences also is the academic home for undeclared students.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has more than 200 faculty members and offers unique opportunities for hands-on learning, including summer undergraduate research opportunities.

Mission statement
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is an interactive, learning-centered community of teacher-scholars committed to high intellectual standards and to guiding our students as they apply the skills and knowledge of an education in the liberal arts and sciences to the needs of a changing and diverse world. Through in-depth study in traditional and interdisciplinary programs, and a general education curriculum designed to meet 21st century learning needs, we prepare students to identify and develop productive solutions to the many challenges facing regional, national, and global civil society; communicate effectively in written, oral, and digital forms; and approach the world with a curious and critical spirit. 

Office of the Dean, 601 Culkin Hall

Dr. Kristin Croyle, Dean
Dr. Paul Tomascak, Associate Dean
Dr. Murat Yaşar, Associate Dean
Ms. Jennifer Cook, Senior Staff Assistant
Ms. Caroline Currier, Administrative Assistant

Telephone: 315.312.2285
Facsimile: 315.312.3577