Sustainability Studies Minor

The Sustainability Studies minor encompasses the interactions of social policy, social equity, scientific principles, and environmental stewardship. By approaching these complex issues from a comprehensive perspective important societal challenges such as the interplay between climate change and poverty or resource use and prosperity, can be addressed and solutions proposed. Our goal is to engage our students in a dynamic, interdisciplinary learning experience where they will learn to think creatively, critically, and systemically, and to enhance the employment opportunities of its graduates in the fast growing environmental and sustainability industries.


The 21-credit minor includes three core courses that provide students with a multidisciplinary introduction to sustainability. Students then take four elective courses from two areas: scientific principles and social equity and policy. Students must take one upper division course in each area. Students may also do an internship or independent study for one of their electives.

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Students interested in the Sustainability Studies minor should consult the minor's director Dr. Glenn Graham in 419b Mahar or