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Tatiana Aires Tavares

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  • Affiliation: Federal University of Paraiba (Brazil)
  • Position: Professor
  • Education
    • University of Rio Grande do Norte (2004) Ph.D., Electrical Engineering
    • Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (2001) MA, Computer Systems
    • Federal University of Pelotas (1998) BA, Computer Science

  • Teaching/research experience

Tatiana Aires Tavares is currently Associate Professor III from Department of Systems and Computer Science at Informatics Institute of the Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil. In undergraduate programs she usually teaches courses of Software Requirements Specification, Software Design Methods and Human Computer Interaction. In the graduate program she acts in the courses of Software Engineering, Software Architecture and Software Design. As extension activities acts she workss in community projects and in the development of technology for job training and education. She is the leader of the CNPq research group CNPq "LAVID - Research Group on Digital Video Applications." Her research topics are: Human Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, User Experience, Accessibility, Multimedia and Hypermedia, Interactive TV and Telemedicine.

  • Grants

Tatiana Tavares is currently a fellow from Brazilian Science Without Borders Program, working as visiting scholar in the State University of New York (Oswego) in the programs: HCI (Human Computer Interaction Graduate Program) and IPAC (Interdisciplinary Programs and Activities Center).

  • Research activities in IPAC

The research project Chromesthetic Painting Interactions (CPI) intends to study the use of digital technologies for the artistic appreciation of a certain collection of synthetic synesthetic paintings. Chromesthetic Painting Interactions is a project of a multidisciplinary research group that aims to investigate Synthetic Synesthetic Art and Digital Medias. This project intends to study the use of digital technologies for the artistic appreciation of a certain collection of synthetic synesthetic paintings. The digital technologies are used to improve multimodal interaction and enrich user experience. This project also investigates the potential use of these paintings in the fields of music education and music therapy.

  • Recent presentations
    • "Multimedia experience in telemedicine: a strategy for recovering live surgery transmissions on demand" July, San Jose, CA - USA (slides
    • "The use of natural interaction to enrich the user experience in telemedicine systems" July 2013: Las Vegas, NV - USA. (slides
    • "Multisensory Interaction Design" April 2013: Oswego, NY - USA (slides
    • "Chromesthetic Painting Interactions: Digital technologies applied to synthetic synesthetic paintings" May 2013: Oswego,NY - USA (slides

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