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GE 1998 checklist

Basic skills 0-9 hours

1.  Writing - 0-3 hours (ENG 102 or waiver) 
2.  Computer Literacy - 0-3 hours (one approved course or waiver) 
3.  Critical Thinking - 0-3 hours (one approved course or waiver)

Knowledge foundations 18-21 hours (counting exemptions)

4.  Fine & Performing Arts - 3 hours (one approved course) 
5/6.  Humanities - 6 hours (two approved courses from two different disciplines, or a foreign language sequence, intermediate level or higher.)
7.  Mathematics - 3 hours (one approved course) 
8/9.  Natural Sciences - 6 hours (2 approved courses from different areas) 
10/11.  Social & Behavioral Sciences - 6 hours (two approved courses from two disciplines; exemptions granted in area(s) of student’s major & minor field(s) of study)

Human diversity 6 hours

12.  Tolerance & Intolerance in the U.S. - 3 hours (one approved course--see note below) 
13.  Global, International, and Geographical Awareness - 3 hours (one approved course)

Intellectual issues 6 hours

Advanced expository writing (5 writing courses as designated by the plan in the major)

Notes for GE98:

  • For the current list of approved GE courses, see the approved courses page.
  • General Education courses may not be taken pass/fail.
  • One course can be used to satisfy two (or more) requirements, except that:
  • Courses that satisfy requirements for the major or minor can also be used to satisfy General Education requirements.
  • General Education courses (with the exception of Intellectual Issues) can be taken off-campus, as long as approval is secured in advance.
  • Passing scores on college-level competency exams (e.g., Advanced Placement or CLEP) may be used to earn credits and, where appropriate, satisfy General Education requirements.
  • Waiver exams are given at least twice each year in the three Basic Skills areas (passing one of these exams satisfies a requirement but earns no credits for the student). Open to new students only.
  • Math proficiency must be demonstrated by the student before she or he enrolls in any Math 106/206 course at Oswego.
  • Intellectual Issues courses have as a prerequisite the completion of Basic Skills and Knowledge Foundations courses or permission of instructor.

GE 2000 checklist

  • On each line, designate the course taken or the other means by which the requirement has been satisfied (e.g., waiver exam, exemption).
  • Students are advised to complete the Basic Skills, Foreign Language, and Knowledge Foundations requirements first.
  • All students are entitled to one exemption in the Knowledge Foundations area. The specific exemption varies by major.
  • Math “competency” must be demonstrated by the students before their being permitted to enroll in any Math 106/206 course for Knowledge Foundations.
  • The two courses taken for Natural Sciences must come from two different areas (areas = biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics).
  • The two courses taken for Social & Behavioral Sciences must come from two different disciplines.
  • A single course, including those in the major, may be used to satisfy two (or more) requirements, as long as it is on the approved list for those requirements.
  • Intellectual Issues courses must be taken at Oswego. They have as a prerequisite completion of the Basic Skills and Knowledge Foundations courses or permission of the instructor.
  • All or most of the entries in Advanced Expository Writing will be courses in the student’s major. Consult departmental writing plans for specific course offerings.
  • Courses for any Gen Ed requirement, except Intellectual Issues may, with prior approval, be taken off-campus.
  • Gen Ed courses may NOT be taken pass-fail.

Basic skills

1. Writing __________________________

2. Computer Literacy _________________

3. Critical Thinking ___________________

Knowledge foundations

4. Fine & Perf. Arts  __________________

5. Humanities _______________________

6. Humanities _______________________

7. Mathematics ______________________

8. Natural Sciences __________________

9. Natural Sciences __________________

10. Soc. & Behav. Sci. _________________

11. Soc. & Behav. Sci. _________________

Human diversity

12. Tol.& Intol. in U.S. ________________

13. GIGA ___________________

Intellectual issues

14.  _____________

15 _______________

Advanced expository writing