Waterbury Hall Lounge

Located less than 100 meters from the lakefront, Waterbury Residence Hall offers prime access to Lake Ontario. In 2015, construction concluded on Waterbury, giving the hall modernized facilities to better serve the campus. The upgrades included the installation of a new computer lab, two kitchenettes, on the second and third floors, respectively, and updated bathrooms. The bathrooms on every floor are individual and gender-neutral, the first of their kind on campus. Many are compliant of the American Disabilities Act as well, a national standard for almost a decade. The computer lab has five PCs, two Macs and a printer, and the room is available exclusively to Waterbury residents. Other additions included a 70-inch TV in the main lounge and a more efficient lighting system.

“Since the completion of Waterbury Hall’s renovations, the hall has provided students with a great living experience. Waterbury’s modern structure showcases the amazing lake view, a spacious living environment and a lighting system that conserves energy throughout the day. Students have been especially impressed with the individual bathrooms and the overall renovations of the hall.” - Tamika Austin, Residence Hall Director of Waterbury Hall