Transportation  Lab

With the end of the fall semester fast approaching, technology students are logging their final days in the transportation lab. Located in the basement of Park Hall, the classroom boasts ceilings more than 15’ high, allowing for boats and other vehicles to be suspended from the ceiling. The most notable vehicle is a Cessna plane, which is lowered for two weeks out of each semester so students can learn the controls and inner workings. There is also an 11’ car lift, giving technology students access to do mechanical work on cars. This space is not only used for hands-on learning, there is also a lecture space with several tables, seating, computers, and a projector, all of which can be moved around the lab.

“The neat part is that the lab is very modular. Just about everything can be picked up and moved, and there are lots of things on wheels. Every two weeks or so, we end up rearranging a lot of the lab.” - Richard Bush, SUNY Oswego Associate professor of technology