CiTi Boces Classroom

Basements and lower levels are often associated with dark secrets or horror films, but the CiTi BOCES site in Sheldon Hall’s lower level is an exception to the rule. The Credit Accrual and Recovery for Everyone (CARE) program is just one aspect of the larger entity of CiTi BOCES, but it is unique to the SUNY Oswego campus. One of the most striking features about the CARE facility is that there are no desks for students. Instead, work is done at tables, high top tables or even on bean bag chairs. The goal is to create a learning environment with minimal stress. In addition to the seating, the room also has large amounts of natural light, which help provide a positive atmosphere. Beyond the core learning space, the program makes use of resources around campus like the ice arena. In terms of academic resources, CARE often receives aid from graduate assistants, pre-education teachers or students working as peer educators.

“It gives our high school students positive peer role models and relationship building skills. A lot of our students don’t know SUNY Oswego exists. Some of them have a 60-minute ride from Williamstown, they’ve never been to Oswego. It’s all about the relationships, those one-on-one interactions.” - Robyn Proud, Principal of Student Programs at CiTi BOCES