Rice Creek Station

Rice Creek Field Station is located to the south of the college. Its primary function is serving as an academic resource for students ranging from biology to art. Following construction on the field station, Rice Creek reopened to the public in 2013, with expansive updates. The original pavilion has been restored, along with the addition of an observatory and a station of more than 7,500 square-ft. The primary building houses a lecture classroom, two laboratories and a small reception area to receive visitors. Rice Creek's numerous trails allow visitors to interact with the local environment and wildlife, whether for academic or recreational purposes.

“I think Rice Creek is a great resource for science students. There are multiple classrooms and countless trails outside the main building. Each trail is an opportunity to study local species in their natural habitats. Lots of research programs are being conducted, from studying amphibian viruses and diseases, to species monitoring, to inside lab work."  - Katherine Thomas, senior zoology major