Bloomberg Terminal

Where is the nearest destination with professional grade access to stock market numbers? Just go to the Gordon A. Lenz Center for Finance, Insurance and Risk Management in Rich Hall. The center was dedicated in 2011, in honor of Gordon Lenz ‘58, who donated $300,000 to the investment club, finance club and their respective majors. The highlight of the center is the Bloomberg Terminal, a stock trading software for financial companies. Using $100,000 of the funds, and an additional $100,000 from another alum, the investment club has been consistently making money with the Bloomberg Terminal. The Terminal provides top-level trading access and is utilized by more than 300,000 trading professionals globally. To maximize potential, students in the club choose stocks based on several criteria that emulate the process of Warren Buffett.

“The investment club has taken the 45,000 possible functions and narrowed them down to exactly what are needed to mimic Buffett’s method of stock selection. Thanks to this system and the $200,000  from donors, the club is now worth $310,000. So the students have made $110,000, which is amazing.” - Mary Rodgers, finance professor and advisor of the investment club