Easily accessible from East Campus, the college bus route or commuter parking lots, Lee Hall’s dance studio is sensibly located for students from all corners of SUNY Oswego. The space sees frequent use, with six student organizations and four dance classes taking advantage of availability every week. The Del Sarte dance group reserves the room most often, a necessity because of the almost 200 members who participate. With more than 30 dances prepared for each semester’s performance, choreographers are given a 45-minute slot per week. Other groups who utilize the studio include several of the campus cultural organizations. This includes Ritmo, the Latin Student Union’s Dance team, the African Student Organization and the Sigma Lambda Upsilon sorority. Within the past few years the space was upgraded and a vinyl dance surface, called a marley floor, was installed. The special surface provides enough traction for jumps while remaining slick enough for slides or turns.

“Even if where we perform isn’t guaranteed, we know we’ll have a practice space in Lee Hall, which is always nice. Whenever we’re trying to encourage people to join the club, one of our major things is that we have a huge studio that is beautiful and we love it.” - Eden Vail, senior and vice president of Del Sarte