Academic services and opportunities

1. Academic planning counselors (APCs)
Every EOP student is assigned an academic planning counselor (APC) who will work with them throughout their college-career. APCs serve as the faculty advisors for all EOP freshmen and serve as links to engage students in all of the resources and opportunities the college has to offer. If you would like to make an appointment with one of our APCs, please click on their name below or send them an email:

2. GST100: Introduction to College-Level Learning
All EOP freshmen take this course as part of their first-semester course load and the EOP staff members serve as the instructors for the course. The course is designed to continue the successful transition to college and engage critical thinking as a core component of college-level learning.

3. Academic community groups
Each semester we have a number community groups operating including, but not limited to, our Meditation Group, Mastermind Group, Advanced Mastermind Group, Men's Group and Women's Group. These groups are designed to provide support and community for all students, to continue the goal-setting process, and to enhance levels of performance in all areas

4. Workshops
A series of workshops are provided for our EOP students each semester and are developed according to ongoing and student-identified needs. While workshop development is ongoing, registration assistance and strategies, FAFSA assistance, and study abroad workshops are offered each semester. The EOP Student Advisory Committee participates in developing our workshop calendar and creating a student-run workshop series.

5. Campus-wide tutoring
The Office of Learning Services (OLS) provides tutoring services for all students in a variety of courses. We encourage everyone to engage in the tutoring process as a form of academic enhancement. Additionally, we have evidence to show that those students who use tutoring services have increased their overall grades significantly. 

6. Academic enrichment services (AES)
EOP provides additional tutoring above and beyond those tutoring services offered by the College through OLS. To learn more about AES, please talk with one of the EOP staff members.

7. Student Advisory Committee 
The EOP Student Advisory Committee serves as the body that makes recommendations to the program regarding additional services and suggestions for updates and improvements, and provides general feedback regarding program operations.  Students looking to participate on the committee can talk with any staff member or current advisory committee member for more information.

8. Peer leaders
Each Fall semester, the EOP program accepts applications for any student interested in applying to become a peer leader during our summer program. To be selected as a peer leader, students have to apply and be selected by the EOP staff. 

9. Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) National Honor Society - Gamma Tau Chapter