Student Printing Updates - LakerPrint Locations and Quotas

The new student print system, LakerPrint, went into production at the start of the Spring 2019 semester.  It was designed with the goals of creating a more mobile, secure and sustainable print environment.  The system allows you to print to the “LakerPrint Cloud” from computers, mobile phones, tablets and Chromebooks.  Documents can then be released at any LakerPrint station on campus.  This prevents others from accidentally picking up your documents, reduces the number of documents that are never picked up, and reduces the number of sheets of paper being used.

Changes to MCC 207 Printing

We received feedback towards the end of the Spring 2019 semester specifically related to printing in the general access computer lab in Marano Campus Center (MCC) 207.  Students asked if a LakerPrint release station could be used with this lab. We also heard about the lack of availability of a LakerPrint station for color printing on the east side of campus.    

Given this feedback, we’ve made a couple of changes.  The color printer in MCC207 has been moved to the MCC Atrium area (near F.A.N.S.) and converted into a LakerPrint release station.  It is next to the black and white LakerPrint release station introduced to the area near the middle of last semester. This now allows color printing on the east side of campus at any time the building is open.  

Now that there is both black and white and color LakerPrint release stations in the MCC Atrium, the remaining black and white printer in MCC 207 has been removed.  All of the computers in MCC207 are configured to print to the “LakerPrint Cloud” so they can be released anywhere on campus, including the printers in the Atrium. 

Student Print Quotas

The overall campus sustainability efforts combined with the LakerPrint goals of more sustainable printing has prompted an analysis on the amount of paper used for printing.  We’ve analyzed the last four academic years and have concluded that approximately 92% of students that utilize the student printing system print 400 pages or less per semester.  Given this, student print quotas are being set to 400 pages which equates to $60.00. The costs of pages is still the same with black and white documents charged at $0.15 per sheet of paper and color documents at $0.90 per sheet.  Please see our Printing Policies page for more information.