New Version of Zoom Addresses Many Security Issues

Zoom 5.0 is now available and addresses known security issues. We suggest you update now and notify your participants to update as well. An update will happen automatically starting May 30. This new version has the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced encryption.
  • Hosts can enable or disable the ability for participants to screen share, rename themselves, and use chat from the security icon of the meeting menu bar.
  • Hosts can report users to Zoom’s Trust & Safety team, who will review any potential misuse of the platform and take appropriate action.
  • Hosts may now turn on the Waiting Rooms while their meeting is in progress.
  • Lock your meeting after everyone has arrived to prevent any unwanted disruptions.
  • The host may remove a participant and they will be unable to re-enter the meeting.

The full details on all the new features for version 5 are available on their website as well. The new update is available at the Zoom download page. Alternatively, you can check for updates within the Zoom app:

Zoom menu with check for updates option highlighted