What is Technology?  Technology is a collection of resources - infrastructure, devices, applications, and services - that enhance and extend the capabilities of the user.

What is the purpose of the TIP Grant?

Annual funding is provided by Campus Technology Services from the Technology Fee.  This funding is intended for academic initiatives that relate to instruction, student usage, improving student usage, and/or improving student learning through the use of technology, and to further encourage the implementation of SUNY Oswego's strategic plan Tomorrow - Greater Impact and Success. ¹

Evaluation Criteria
Priority will be given to:

  • Collaborative and multi-disciplinary submissions
  • Student-centered submissions which touch a large number of instructors or students
  • New, innovative and/or trial initiatives
  • Initiatives with clear assessment criteria and reasonable succession plan Equipment replacement and expansion of existing equipment will also be considered

Ensure you submit a complete application
A completed application should include the following items in the order indicated:

  1. Cover Sheet - First page of the proposal containing the applicant's name, department and authorized signatures.
  2. Abstract - A brief overview of the entire proposal.
  3. Project Narrative - Include "Performance Drivers" in your application.  "Performance Drivers are SUNY Oswego's learning-centered culture in action.  They are our work - the programs, activities, focus, and commitments we plan and produce in order to attain five strategic Impacts." ²
    • Needs Assessment
    • Goals and Objectives
    • Implementation Plan
    • Evaluation Plan
    • Management Plan
  4. Budget - A complete report of all requested items - please include quotes.
    • In the event that your TIP proposal is approved, the budget awarded is specifically for the items requested and approved in your proposal.
    • Finances approved for an awarded proposal must be completed within the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  
    • Awarded proposal items are not guaranteed to be available for the spring semester.
  5. Appendices - Any relevant information pertaining to the narrative.
  6. TIP Application

All grant proposals must be received by 4:30 p.m. on October 12, 2018. Requests for extensions will not be honored.

Please submit your signed proposal via email to Kris Smith (kristine.smith@oswego.edu), or an original signed proposal to Ms. Smith, Campus Technology Services, 26 Lanigan Hall.

Review Process
A Pre-Screening Review Panel will perform an in-depth review of submitted applications.  The main responsibility of this panel is to ensure that any hardware and software requests are compatible with the current technology at SUNY Oswego.  The panel will then follow-up with the TIP Committee with their recommendations for presentations.  Those that do not meet the intent of the Technology Initiative Program will not be recommended to present to the TIP Committee. If this occurs, the Applicant will be notified in writing of the reason(s) for this rejection.  Any proposals containing requests for new technology that has not been released by the proposal submission deadline will be declined.

¹ SUNY Oswego, Campus Technology Advisory Board - Vision, Mission and Planning Priorities

² Tomorrow, Greater Impact and Success, http://www.oswego.edu/tomorrow

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