Nominations open to recognize local unsung heroes


July 15, 2021

Artswego at SUNY Oswego is undertaking a new project during the fall 2021 semester which will recognize, celebrate and encourage those who are making a difference in the Oswego County community. 

This project aims to highlight three local unsung heroes -- people who contribute day-to-day in positive ways to our community, but do not receive recognition or reward. These individuals will be honored via an art installation, created by artist Craig Walsh, where their portraits will be projected on trees for public viewing. The final installation will take place in September and October on SUNY Oswego’s campus.

Who is an “unsung hero”? This project’s heroes are defined as people who are working to make the region a better place, but are underrecognized, and must be over the age of 18.  Examples include a community advocate, teacher, nurse, maintenance worker, volunteer or someone entirely different. 

Please participate by nominating a person by Aug. 1 whose story deserves to be heard but has yet to be told. You may only nominate one person. Individuals submitting multiple nominations will be exempted from participating. A committee of community representatives will then select three individuals from nominations solicited from the public. 

To nominate an Unsung Hero, fill in the Google Form at

Contact Miranda Traudt (, director of arts programming at SUNY Oswego, with questions regarding the project.