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Career Services  has invested in the very best tools available - anywhere - to help you find the best opportunities out there!  Feel free to explore on your own (for free!) or drop by the Compass for 1:1 assistance.

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...or hire 20 - we certainly won't mind! Career Services wants to connect you with the best candidates SUNY Oswego has to offer. After all, our goals are the same -- to match talented students with wonderful organizations like yours! Here are just a few ways we can help:

Self Assessment

Discover your interests, strengths, and personality
Self-assessment is the process of knowing yourself. We offer multiple inventories and assessments that provide you valuable information regarding your strengths, interests, and personality.

Scholarship grants by field

Grants and scholarships are the most desirable types of funding you can receive to pay for your college education, since they don't need to be repaid. While any amount of free money will be competitive, especially in a tough economic climate, the sooner and more often you apply the more luck you'll have.