Assessment Advisory Committee

The word "assessment" is not always met with an open mind and a willingness to reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of our academic programs. But the reality is assessment can be a useful tool that not only improves student learning, but empowers faculty as well. Assessment is an ongoing process, one necessary for continuous improvement. 

This web site is designed to help you navigate the Annual Assessment Reporting Process, introduce you to some of Oswego's trained experts, provide links to internal and external resources, and answer some frequently asked assessment questions. The focus of this page is program assessment, so if you would like more information about General Education assessment, please visit SUNY Oswego's General Educationweb page. If you would like guidance regarding the assessment of writing, please visit the Writing Across the Curriculum web page.

If you are new to the assessment process, consider reading "Assessment: Clear, Simple, and USEFUL" by Barbara Walvoord.