Tour guide profile

Ryan North


Year: Sophomore
Major: Meteorology
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Why did you choose SUNY Oswego?

The main reason I chose SUNY Oswego is that the school’s meteorology program is well known and accredited. Although this was a very large deciding factor, there were many others related to the campus itself. First off, the campus is located next to Lake Ontario, which provides a unique opportunity to study weather as well as take in amazing views of the Oswego sunset. Additionally, the campus is exactly the size I was looking for; it isn’t too big, but it isn’t too small. It’s the perfect size for an evening run or a walk around. Shineman, the new science center, was also a major factor in my decision because it provides a brand-new facility for the meteorology program as well as other science related majors. The last component of my decision was the organizations clubs available on campus. SUNY Oswego has both a chorus and a badminton club, two clubs that I knew I wanted to be part of.