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Mary McIntyre


Year: Junior
Major: Creative Writing and Spanish
Hometown: Liverpool, NY

Where is your favorite place to eat at SUNY Oswego, and why?

My favorite place to eat on campus at SUNY Oswego is Lakeside Dining Hall! I lived in Johnson Hall my freshman year, which connects to Lakeside Dining Hall and I could never get enough of their specialty-made pizzas. The view from the dining hall is fantastic and I love looking at Lake Ontario while I’m eating. Also the fencing club has a new tradition of going to Lakeside every Wednesday for pizza and chicken wings because it is close to Lee Hall, our recreation center on campus. This is where our practice is held. We meet up for Late Night, which is an extended period for students to eat in the dining hall starting at 8:30 p.m. I love getting to know my teammates and laughing along with them while we eat.