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Cloey Olkwoski


Year: Junior
Major: Public Relations
Minor: Graphic Design and Psychology
Hometown: Buffalo, NY

What is your proudest accomplishment at SUNY Oswego?

My proudest accomplishment at SUNY Oswego is the Professor Recognition Ceremony that I helped put together and then hosted as part of RHA E-Board. RHA stands for Residential Hall Association and is basically the main Hall Councils here on campus. At the end of each spring semester we put together a professor recognition ceremony, by asking students all over campus to nominate their favorite professor or professors and then giving us a brief description of why. This year we had over 80 professors nominated as well as the highest turn out of both professors and students in attendance of the actual ceremony. It was really cool to see all of these students and professors come out and get to learn about all SUNY Oswego professors do for their students that make this campus so great!