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Institutional Excellence Work Group (Standards 1 and 6)

  • Yvonne Petrella (Chair): Dean, Division of Extended Learning
  • Mary Avrakotos: Coordinator of Artswego
  • David Bozak: Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Chair of Committee on Intellectual Integrity
  • Barb Garii: Associate Dean of School of Education, Committee on Intellectual Integrity
  • Florence Kirk: Associate Professor of Accounting, Finance and Law
  • John Moore: Director of Facilities Engineering and Sustainability, Operational Sustainability Committee
  • Tim Nekritz: Associate Director of Public Affairs, Director of Web Communication
  • Betsy Oberst: Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
  • Mike Pisa: Associate Director of Campus Technology Services
  • TBD: Student Representative

Institutional Vitality Work Group (Standards 2 and 3)

  • Joe Moreau (Chair): Chief Technology Officer, Campus Technology Services
  • Lorrie Clemo: Interim Provost
  • Mike Flaherty: General Manager of Auxiliary Services
  • Dan Griffin: Associate Director of Admissions
  • Jeff Grimshaw: Assistant Director of Center for Business and Community Development
  • Bernie Henderson: Vice-president Emeritus of Finance
  • Linda Rae Markert: Dean of the School of Education
  • Maria Nakamura: Associate Director of Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
  • Casey Raymond: Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Tom Simmonds: Associate Vice-President for Facilities
  • Mark Slayton: Director of Finance, Oswego College Foundation, Inc and Oswego Alumni Association
  • Byron Smith: Assistant Vice-President for Finance and Budget
  • Al Stamm: Distinguished Service Professor and Chair of Earth Sciences, Priorities and Planning Committee
  • Steven DiMarzo: Student Representative

Institutional Leadership and Governance Work Group (Standards 4 and 5)

  • Robert Moore (Chair): Professor of English, Director of Honors Program
  • Susan Camp: Faculty Assembly President, Associate Professor of Vocational Teacher Preparation
  • Kristen Eichorn: Professor and Chair of Communication Studies
  • David King: Dean of Graduate Studies
  • John Lalande: Chair of Modern Languages and Literatures
  • Michael LeBlanc: Assistant Dean, School of Education, Associate Professor of Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Margaret Ryniker: Associate Professor and Chair, of Public Justice, University Senate
  • Chuck Spector: Professor and Chair of Accounting, Finance and Law, UUP
  • Casey Walpole: Registration Office Supervisor, Local Vice-President of CSEA

A Learner-Centered Campus Work Group (Standards 8 and 9)

  • Kathy Evans (Chair): Assistant Vice-President of Student Affairs
  • Gail Akin: Associate Director of Admissions
  • Jackie Campbell: Assistant Director of Advisement and the FYRE Program Coordinator
  • Howard Gordon: Executive Assistant to the President and Special Assistant for Social Equity
  • Chris Hockey: Transfer Coordinator, Transfer Student Services
  • Mark Humbert: Director of Financial Aid
  • Peg Lloyd: Director of Student Accounts
  • Gurdeep Skolnik: Assistant Director and Coordinator of International Language and Education Center
  • Terry Tiballi: Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Elyzabeth Wengert: Director of Office of Learning Services
  • TBD: Student Representative

A Vibrant Faculty Work Group (Standard 10)

  • Marcia Burrell (Chair): Associate Chair and Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Joan Carroll: Associate Professor of Accounting, Finance and Law
  • Nate Emmons: Coordinator of New Student Orientation, Student Advisement
  • Webe Kadima: Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • John Kane: Professor of Economics, Director of Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • Rameen Mohammadi: Associate Provost for Undergraduate and Special Programs
  • Marta Santiago: Human Resources Manager, Affirmative Action Officer
  • Barb Shaffer: Associate Librarian
  • Paul Tomascak: Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Rodney Johnson: Student Representative

Intellectual Rigor Work Group (Standards 11 and 13)

  • Frank Byrne (Chair): Chair and Associate Professor of History
  • Susan Camp: Faculty Assembly President, Associate Professor of Vocational Teacher Preparation
  • Fehmi Damkaci: Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Jennifer Kagan: Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Raihan Khan: Associate Professor of Marketing and Management
  • Fritz Messere: Dean of School of Communication, Media and the Arts
  • Jim Nichols: Associate Librarian
  • Jerry Oberst: Associate Director of Admissions and Coordinator of Communications
  • Yvonne Petrella: Dean of Division of Extended Learning
  • David Vampola: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Nicolas Treviso: Student Representative

An Education for the 21st Century Work Group (Standard 12)

  • Jessica Hester (Chair): Chair and Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Michelle Bandla: Coordinator of First Year Programs
  • Mary Beth Bell: Director of Libraries
  • Bob Casper: Director of Career Services
  • Mark Cole: Professor of Theatre
  • Tom Ingram: Summer Sessions Coordinator, Office of Extended Learning
  • Chris LaLonde: Professor of English, Coordinator of American Studies and Director of General Education
  • Josh McKeown: Director of International Education and Programs
  • Rhonda Mandel: Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Cathy Santos: Associate Provost of Multicultural Opportunities and Programs

A Culture of Continuous Improvement Work Group (Standards 7 and 14)

  • Dean Crawford (Chair): Professor of Accounting, Finance and Law
  • Cynthia Clabough: Chair and Professor of Art
  • James Early: Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Jacob Gardner: Student Representative
  • Christy Huhyn: Assistant Director of Student Advisement
  • Greg Ketcham: Instructional Designer, Office of Extended Learning
  • John McCarthy: Assistant Dean for Accreditation and Assessment, School of Education
  • Mehran Nojan: Director of Institutional Research
  • Jim Scharfenberger: Associate Vice-President and Dean for Student Affairs
  • Richard Skolnick: Dean of the School of Business
  • Brad Wray: Associate Professor of Philosophy, Assessment Coordinator