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Facebook… for Professionals.

Your LinkedIn profile is your connection to over 60 million professionals in the business world. Use it to show the world who you are. To help the world find you. This network will not just help you find a job, but GET a job. Connect with professionals in your field.  Join Professional Associations related to your career interests.  Move out and move up...

Tell your story. Your LinkedIn profile is an interactive business card. Use it to describe your summer jobs, internships, volunteer positions, or personal passions. You've already accomplished a lot. Now it's your time to shine.  Tell us your story.  Tell the world!  #ozmystory

Join our Linkedin group today - we provide a great bridge between you and the employers we have a relationship with.

Did you know? LinkedIn profiles are often one of the first results in Google search. Make this work for you. If your name is searched, be sure your profile looks its best.

Helpful Resources!

10 Slides in 2 Minutes

Don't have a lot of time?  Click here to get a quick and powerful overview of why this is important.

Don't Make Your First Impression Your Last

You are seven slides away from knowing how to create the perfect profile.  Want MORE!  This one page pdf drives the point home.

If you are partial to pretty moving pictures, check out these videos!

1.  What is Linkedin?

2.  Building Your Professional Brand

3.  Finding Your Career Passion

4.  Building a Professional Network

5.  Turning Relationships into Opportunities

6.  Researching and Prepping for an Interview


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