Lake-Effect Storm Prediction & Research Center (LESPaRC)

LESPaRC Director - Dr. Scott Steiger

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Director and Participants

Dr. Scott Steiger oversees the development and operations of the LESPaRC.  This includes recruiting students to do forecasting, mostly juniors and seniors, leading planning meetings, and developing research goals and scheduling of forecasters.  The number of student participants will vary depending on current research objectives and the number of forecast clients.

All of the meteorology faculty have input in the development of research goals and advise students on research projects, depending on the expertise needed. 

Organizations that require forecasting services for the Central New York region should contact Dr. Steiger.


Organizational Structure

Director: Dr. Scott Steiger

Head of research: Dr. Robert Ballentine

Head of forecasting consultation: Dr. Scott Steiger

Board of directors: Drs. Robert Ballentine,  Steven Skubis, Alfred Stamm, Scott Steiger, and an upper-class (junior/senior) student representative selected from the meteorology program by the program's faculty.