Special Education, Grades 1-6 (MSEd)

Childhood Special Education 1-6
Master of Science in Education
Special educators have one of the most complex and challenging roles in today’s changing schools. As a candidate in this program, you will deepen your professional knowledge and expertise in the field, and further develop leadership skills needed to help schools deliver quality inclusive education for all of the community’s children.
Further develop critical professional competencies for special educators

Expertise in literacy is essential for today’s special educators. Many students with emotional, physical and developmental disabilities also have significant needs in literacy. As a candidate in this program, you will develop your abilities to maximize literacy learning for students with mild, moderate and severe disabilities through specialized planning and instruction matched to individual learner characteristics.

Close faculty relationships

You will have ongoing support while working closely with full-time special education faculty who bring extensive experience working with students with a wide range of learning characteristics. Graduates of this program well sought-after graduates because of the depth of their preparation in key areas for all learners.

Teaching for all learning abilities

You will extend your specialized professional development through courses and field experiences for serving students who have autism and other complex development disabilities, and for assessment, data-based decision-making, positive behavior interventions and assistive technology for a wide range of learners.

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Admission requirements
Initial Teaching Certification
GRE test score
(if GPA Is lower than 2.7)
Purpose Statement
Indicate your purpose for applying to this master’s degree program. Identify any particular area of interest within the major field you are applying to, your plans for future occupation and/or profession and any additional information which may be of help in evaluating your preparation and your fitness for graduate study at SUNY Oswego.
Two letters of recommendation
Program advisement meeting
Education Essay
Application deadline
October 1 for Spring
March 1 for Summer or Fall
Length of program
36 credit hours
Application Fee
$65 application fee
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Special education professor Amanda Fenlon works directly with each graduate student throughout his or her education.
Special education graduate students at SUNY Oswego earn more than a degree; the program's unique focus on literacy, integration of new technology and emphasis on professional development sets graduates apart in the field.