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Announcing a New Graduate Certificate

The departments of Art, Communications Studies, and Computer Science at SUNY Oswego are pleased to announce a new graduate certificate in Integrated Media. This certificate program will provide professionals with an opportunity to examine our current media landscape, using an interdisciplinary team approach to provide hands-on experience in analyzing and solving the media challenges facing today's organizations.

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About the Program

The certificate in Integrated Media provides graduate students with an opportunity to explore the implications of new technologies on diverse problems inherent in effectively communicating ideas in an increasingly complex social and professional landscape. The Integrated Media certificate program will serve recent graduates as well as offering retraining opportunities for current professionals in the fields of media, design, graphic arts or other arts-related professions.

faculty and student analyzing videogameGoals of the Certificate

To provide:

  1. an interdisciplinary opportunity to explore the relationship between integrated media technology and message design;

  2. theoretical and practical foundations that will allow students to apply media technologies in a critical and creative way;

  3. an opportunity to retrain or refocus skill sets by examining the integration of media and social networking technologies into current business practices;

  4. an opportunity for students to explore the possibility of pursuing an advanced degree in integrated media, graphic design or other media programs;

  5. the opportunity to design communication projects that integrate traditional and digital formats; and

  6. research and problem solving skills in the field of new media and communications.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Program


Who is the target audience for this program? Is this certificate right for me?

This certificate is intended to serve recent college graduates who come from a variety of disciplines. The certificate is also designed to offer retraining opportunities for current professionals. In either case, previous experience in a field related to media, art, or computer science is preferred, but not required.


What sets this program apart?

Today's media practitioners need to be able to speak the "languages" of different theoretical and practical disciplines, and collaborate with professionals from different backgrounds. If you currently work or are planning to work in any field that involves media, we have designed a program just for you that will give you the opportunity to work across exciting academic disciplines and professional fields. What sets this program apart from others is precisely the way in which it brings together faculty and students from the arts, communication studies, and computer science in a way that mirrors the working environments our graduates will face.

What makes this program special?

  • It is the only certificate of its kind offered by SUNY in the central NY area. A program offered by SUNY distinguishes itself in terms of quality and value.
  • The faculty are top notch and the curriculum is constantly adapted to changes in the industry and the academic field.
  • The program offers hands-on opportunities to work with local organizations in developing real solutions to their challenges.



When and where is the certificate offered?

Currently, the program starts in the Fall semester. It is possible to begin in the Spring, but it will then take you more than a year to complete the certificate. The reason for this is that the core requirement, CMA 600, is only offered in the Fall at this time, and it is a prerequisite to CMA 601 (your independent study project). If you must begin in the Spring, one option is to take other courses that semester, then take CMA 600 in the Fall, and then take CMA 601 the following Spring, online. If that is the only course you have left, you wouldn't need to be on campus. Please talk to your advisor about this option.

Please also be advised that the certificate is currently only being offered in our Oswego campus. As demand increases, we will be able to offer the program at our Metro Center in Syracuse. For more information, email us at 


What kinds of jobs can I get upon completion of this program?

Depending on your specialization, you would be eligible for jobs as diverse as:

  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Web/Multimedia Developer
  • Online Media Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Sales Consultant
  • Online Content Writer
  • Project Manager - Digital Media

Regardless of your job title, this certificate will give you a competitive edge. Apart from providing you with the technical skills to be a Web designer, content writer, video producer, etc., it will also give you the theoretical skills to think about applying integrated media purposefully. In this kind of job market, technical skills are not enough. You also need to demonstrate you can think critically and creatively.


What is the benefit of a Graduate Certificate as opposed to a full Master's degree?

A certificate allows students to pick up the skills they need in a quick, focused way. It takes less time and money to complete than a Masters. At the same time, it allows students the opportunity to "sample" the field and decide if they want to work towards a Masters in the future. 



What does the curriculum look like?

This program is attached to the MA Art program.
The core program requires a 6 hour block, including CMA 600 and CMA 601. The program would consist of two options that will allow students to tailor the courses to the individuals needs.

Option One:

Option One will emphasize opportunities to examine the technological landscape and look at the opportunities for networking.

CMA 600 – Integrated Media and Design
CMA 601 – Special Projects in Integrated Media
BRC 520 – Technology and Culture

Two courses under advisement that emphasize practical applications:

BRC 521 – Social Networks and the Web
ART 509 – Graduate Multimedia Design
HCI  500 – Introduction to Human Computer Interaction

Other graduate courses with advisor approval.

Option Two:

Option Two will emphasize best practical applications.

CMA 600 – Integrated Media and Design
CMA 601 – Special Projects in Integrated Media Design

Three courses to be selected under advisement from the following list:
ART 509 – Graduate Multimedia Design
ART 513 – Graduate Digital Illustration
BRC 522 – Video Game Theory and Analysis
BRC 599 – Independent Studies in Media
HCI 500 – Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
HCI 510 – Design Methods I
MUS 599 – Independent Study (appropriate for students interested in midi, audio for web, etc)

Other graduate courses with advisor approval.



When are courses be offered?


Typically, courses are offered according to the following schedule (SUNY Oswego reserves the right to change any of the information below):


CMA 600 - Integrated Media and Design
ART 509 - Graduate Multimedia
HCI  500 - Introduction to Human Computer Interaction
BRC 520 - Technology and Culture


ART 517 - Graduate Web Design

CMA 601 - Projects in Integrated Media Spring:
ART 509 - Graduate Multimedia
ART 517 - Graduate Web Design
BRC 521 - Social Networks and the Web
BRC 522 - Videogame Theory and Analysis
CSC 535 - Web Services



What is the application process, and who can I contact for more information?

The deadline for receiving applications is May 15.

Applicants should submit a narrative resume, a statement of purpose, and a sample of their work (artistic or writing). Additionally, applicants should submit 2 recommendation letters and an official copy of their transcript. For detailed instructions, see the guidelines from Graduate Studies.

If you have any questions, email us at