Faculty & Staff

The department has ten full-time faculty that teach all majors courses and supervise undergraduate research students. Two technical staff members provide invaluable support for laboratory courses, equipment and student researchers. Student interaction with faculty and staff is outstanding, as recognized by a variety of awards.

Lawrence A. Fuller
Kestas G. Bendinskas
Martha D. Bruch
Fehmi Damkaci, Chair
Nin Dingra
Webe C. Kadima
Joseph W. LeFevre
Vadoud Niri
Casey C. Raymond
Jeffrey A. Schneider

Shokouh Haddadi
James PaganoJames Pagano
Fran Pappalardo
Michael Knopp
Stephanie Rugg

Technical Staff:
Kristin I. Gublo
Fred Scoles

Secretarial Staff:
Christine Finnegan